Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Desolation Row

Tonight at dinner the hostess INSISTED on showing us the menu and when the guys weren't paying attention she stormed off. I wanted to get her fired. If we don't care to be showed around the menu then shut up and smile. We're tired and hungry and your a self important high school girl who thankfully ( or maybe not) has no idea who we are.

Our waiter is adorable, tight Sammy Hagar blond curls and bright blue eyes. Crush Crush Crush. He calls me ma'am and leans in close to talk to us quietly. I wonder if X can see the lust I feel for this creature. I wonder if this creature knows who we are. I smile and am polite to him. Z fiddles with his smart phone, X busies himself with dumping sweetner into both his and the singer's drinks. The other two are either outside smoking or at the bar.

I see other couples walk in and be seated. I wonder what it's like to be them. What it's like to live here, to go out to eat then return and park your car outside of your home. Go inside and go to sleep surrounded by your things.

I glare at the hostess as she passes. She should be scared of me. Soon she avoids walking near our table. For some reason I am starving lately. X jokes that I'm scavenging when I try to eat his scraps. I'm not sure what is wrong with me, or if there is nothing wrong at all.

I want to take the Waiter home with me. I want to do bad things to him. I want to go back to whereever he live and do whatever he wants. I wonder how old he is.

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