Monday, December 6, 2010

Smell like I sound I'm lost in a crowd.

I smell puke. I have smelt it all day. The last few days haven't been good. There has been a lot going on and a lot I don't even know if I can formulate into complete thoughts or will into proper pronouns.

X's best friend is Z and pretty much his brother from another mother. Z's dad is a Dr. I'm sure they're proud. Z and X went to school together and Z is pretty much the reason X is in the band. I think Z sees me as a losing battle. At first is wasn't supportive of our relationship and now I think he's sorta if you can't beat them join them. Anywho... I'm telling you all this because Z told me to eat a onion. He swore up and down that onions have medicinal qualities and will cure me from all the ills me. ( is it ills or something more like ales? Aliments?)  And I, being sort of a smartass say, "So can I go to In and Out and get a double double with onions?" NO he said. I need to find a raw onion and eat a whole piece (circle?) of it then drink a lot of water. Sigh... you know I've felt so cruddy and I worry about getting X sick, so I did it. I tried to eat one circle of it and I drank a whole glass of water and half a can of diet coke. It was SO gross! I later told him I did it, half expecting him to laugh and tell me it was a joke. But  he still maintained that I needed to continue it. I don't think It's gonna happen again. In fact I left the onion out in our hotel room and when we came back after dinner it smelt sorta like cat piss in there.

The puke is mine. I cough until I puke when I wake up. I don't always do it as soon as I wake up, the other day I did it in the shower which was nice. This morning I thought I was done, but ended up puking in a cup. That is how I got puke the puke on my jeans that I didn't notice till I had been around other people for half the day.
Go me!