Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I fell down the rabbit hole

into the world of "The Manic Street Preachers" and Richey Edwards. If you're under 35, like myself, you might not know who they are. They are a pretentious Welsh band from the early 90s- to put it bluntly. Richey is a missing person, he vanished in 1995 at the age of 27. I'm not clear yet on the laws of how long someone has to be messing to be pronounced dead. I think I read that his family could of done it as early as 2002, but refused until 2008. My first thought is the whole, " maybe tell the press you died". But then I saw am image where he had carved words into his arm. And supposedly he was like the British Kurt Cobain and talked to his fans about anorexia and self harm etc.

What got me blogging about this was a comment I saw from someone who had read some Richey Edwards fanfic and deemed it disrespectful. Excuse me? How is any fanfic respectful? How is giving my husband vices and addictions and turning his life into the worst sob story known to man or making erotica about him and his best friend being lovers not disrespectful? Why is this person, who either went missing or killed himself,  beyond the parasite that is fangirls and fanfiction?  I think the whole genre is pathetic as well as those who somehow have the gall to post it.

Now I'm all hot and bothered in a froyo shop in middle America being forced Ke$ha with my chocolate peanut butter my ovaries might exploid tonight 10 dollar frozen yogurt. I'm also totally upset over reading bios of people who have famously disappeared. What if I vanish? I can't even think about how that would go down, oh yeah you know that wife of X, the one nobody really knows or sees? She's missing. Oh hasn't she been missing? Oh snap...

I want a bodyguard.