Saturday, June 23, 2012

X said he would prefer that someone hate them for something irrational, like that they wear make up. I guess nobody wants to be hated for what they really are. I'm not sure what there is to hate about him. The only thing I can think of is the idea that he never worked for this, but then you have to hate me too. I never set out to marry a rock star. I didn't sniff around the load in or hang out in hotel lobbies. I was just there.

I wish,  but we all know this would be insane. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

That's so weird

People make Polyvore sets about my husband. I've sorta been off of Google-ing him lately, but it's festival season and the heat makes me crazy, and I'm bored all the same. I was having a jolly good time ( sorry I've been listening to audio books of British books again...)  putting clothes together when this young bird ( it isn't going to stop OK?) started liking my work. I looked at her sets and from there I found the culprit. OK there is prob a gang of them, but I only saw one. The weird thing is the outfits weren't even really rock n roll. They were like photos of him with dresses and expensive make up and glitter and a lot of pink, which is funny because Z asked me the other day if I owned anything that wasn't black. I could ask him the same. I saw in a women's mag that when traveling you need to pack basics that you can mix and match. For the most part my clothes are all black. Everyone's is. What the fuck color is more rock n roll than black? Black on Black?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Someone repinned my husband as a product.

Part of me really loves this, The other part of me wants to rip her hair out.
Yes he is a product, but people don't usually label him as such.

 They label him as:
Love, Band pics, Band guys, Music/Artists/Bands, Things I find attractive, Dudes I love, hotties, wish lists ( Good one), For the home ( also cheeky).

I always wonder if people are coincidentally being meta with me. Like the time I had a hit on here because someone in Googled " How to love someone famous". I couldn't of ever summed it up so neatly. Happenstance? Who's to say. I think my whole life is a happenstance.