Saturday, June 4, 2011

The days keep draging on...

I can't breath out of my left nostril. The air in the bus is making my eyes burn, and even though it's only June it's on 24/7.

My new favorite thing to do is look up places to live, but I'm not very good at it. I've only ever lived  the sunny states. I also don't want to be alone. So I feel that I'm doomed ( manifest destiny?) to live a circular existence. I want someplace magical. Paris? I don't speak French, and X would think it was cool for awhile, but he'd never be into the whole ex-pat thing. I think the most exciting thing for him about overseas tours is Absinthe. And either that would quickly wear off, or I'd be stuck in a foreign land with a husband I don't want...

I've read some books, watched some movies... carved out notches in the bunk railing... (Just kidding about that last one, or am I?) 

I tried to watch Raging Bull today. I didn't like it. X pointed out that it was a four star movie, but I guess it was too art house for me. I lost intrest, made jokes that the blond lady was Gwen Steffani, and wondered if Italians were really that angry.

Summer tour is kicking up... Which means busy busy, outdoor dates. HOT. Teenagers, HOT. I'm cranky just thinking about it.

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