Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fight with myself till I'm bleeding

There is this one girl who comments on all my husbands posts. In her head they are BFFs, maybe more idk. She is 6 years younger than we are, red hair and glasses. Looks kinda froggy, large forehead. I looked at her profile only because she comments so much that I'm sorta "oh god" when I see she has once again added her two cents. I don't know if once, at one point, X actually responded to her, and this fueled her delusion. If he hasn't, then I don't really understand her. Why would you insistently respond to a celebrities posts with no response? Insanity? Oh if it was that simple. I'm reading I'm With The Band, Confessions of a Groupie and in the first chapter Pamela DeBarres acts similar to the girls today. She was in love with the Beatles and would write them letters and do what might of been the 1960s version of fanfic with her friends. Write stores about them as the wives/lovers of The Beatles. I'm reading this and thinking, god nothing has changed and nothing ever will. The strange thing is, I never acted like that. I never wrote to a celebrity. I didn't have photos of rock stars in my locker as a teen. I had a mirror and unusual things that I found artistic/strange/interesting.

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