Saturday, March 17, 2012

Don't be fooled I was raised by the wolves...

We went to the movies last night. I wore my pajamas- black yoga pants, a black band shirt and a red and black flannel shirt. I just don't care. A group of frat/sorority t ype people came into the half empty theater and one of the guys said " My home theater is bigger than this." Then laughed as his own witticism. Ugh. How do you live with yourself?

I had to pee like 20 times. ( No I'm not pregnant.) On the way back to the theater the last time a group of teenagers stared at me and one said " What is she in?" I laughed to myself. I am not movie star pretty. I am not your average ex model married a rock star. At best I look like a college girl who stopped trying- more Ramona Flowers than Lexus Amanda.

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