Monday, March 12, 2012

Guys like us, ain't got no chance

but I'm the thing that keeps you and me alive, not forever-

A hot guy may not know how to talk to you. When women are hitting on you every night, "it fluffs up your ego, for sure," says Rick, a guitarist whose punk band plays sold-out shows around the country. " but it can make you worse at meeting girls in the usual situations, because you're not used to having to work for it." Just because a guy's good looking, doesn't mean he's got game. So just go up and introduce yourself, and be sure not to mistake shyness for arrogance.
Glamour March 2012

This reminded me of the night I met X. He kept coming up to me and asking me things. Stupid things. He later confessed that he just wanted to talk to me. He only had 6 hours to figure out what was the least creepy way of getting to know me, staying in contact with me.

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