Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Everybody says you’ve gotta know your enemies

Even if they only weigh a hundred pounds and stand five foot three
If you just smile and behave you can always get your way

 I know I'm sorta obsessive about groupies, but wouldn't you be? They're like fucking zombies popping out of nowhere to devour my brains and even if I never wear my seat belt and double tap they will still try to kill me.  I like to think of a quote I once saw/heard ( I don't remember which) from Sheryl Cooper. It was something like " when he's home he's mine when he's in public he belongs to them." I respect that for the most part. But home to us is a bunk and a hotel room. So there is a sort of blurring of lines. I guess she went thought the same thing touring with him for all those years.

Not to mention X is the nicest guy in the band. He is the one who will sign autographs and pose for pics while his bandmates leave him to go get wasted and hit on groupies. I think they sorta throw him to the wolves, but I also think his sweetness is why I love him. Sometimes I watch him hugging fans and  posing for pictures. It's sweet I'm not gonna lie, because he doesn't have to do it. There is of course security. But still the busty super skanks get away with more. One tried to french kiss him and he just looked horrified and backed away. He actually called her a crazy bitch. ( she did not jump in bed with fame...) I think for him it's hard to determine when he needs to stop being nice, but I'm proud of him when they push and he pushes back. The sad thing is I probably wouldn't of ripped her off him. I would of just stood there horrified. I'm not a crazy Faith Hill hair pulling type.

I read a quote today from a celebrity wife who's husband often tours. She said she has to keep her friends close. That people say that their husband is their best friend don't apply to her. Her best friend is her best friend. Part of me felt sad for her. My husband is my best friend. I don't think I could stand it if he wasn't. Ok, that sounds psychotic. I have a hard time explaining this... I see that clearly with this thing. I don't know how to explain the bond X and I have. More and more with this post I want to type his real name. I keep catching myself. XXXXXX. Ok I'm better.

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