Monday, November 8, 2010

They hate the truth.

This song used to be my ringtone. Never did I think it would end up applying to my life as much as it does right now. Again I have my own ideas about how this song came to be. Gerard is known for being nice and being loved by the young emo girls. But after so many warped tours anyone would go back to their bus and write this.I had a coworker who had a  13 year old who were obsessed with him! He was old enough even then to be her dad! And it is true they aren't happy till someone bleeds. Teenagers are ruthless and cyber communities make them fearless. As much as they say they love you, they're just waiting for you to bleed. Nobody is happy till you bleed! 

I know my husband ( who will now be known as X) doesn't read anything they write about him. I on the other hand get bored and Google him. I think the kids are kinda cute for the most part. My husband and I are both in our mid to late 20s and I am not fearful of the teens at all. It's the drunk, crazy, social climbing ( ?), groupie sluts that scare me. How would you feel if your husband's job was to be nice to women who go to his work and show him their tits? Girls who absolutely do not care that he is married, because they believe that he would be happier with them. Or rather they'd be happy with him. The thing is they don't know X.

X's band is modeled after the hard drinking girls and booze bands of the late 80s. All about hoes and blow. Harley's and trashing hotel rooms. They of course ( you actually probably don't know this) aren't as wild as they lead the press to believe. If they were that wild they'd probably be dead . I think of a quote from Axel Rose in Hit Parader that said,

How’s this? Fuck you… No one would print a story you’d write. You’d write that I was sober, honest and probably intelligent. They hate the truth.

Here is the truth about X: 
His father is a famous studio musician. He father could of been a rock star but choose not to. He has been married to X's mom for 30+ years. X  had a very boring average child hood considering that he grew up in LA LA land with famous rock stars. X is a classically trained musician. He sorta sees this as fun and games. He never worked for this job.( I know! Gasp he never wanted I never wanted... people are out there dying to have what we have. Where is the justice in this world!?) He is just that good that they asked him to do it. His bandmates are guys he grew up with. They are as close as brothers. His father has installed a fear of fame in him. It's sorta a rebellion I guess you could say, for him to join a band, make videos, tour, be a rock star...  Because of this X wants a normal (ish) life. He wanted to get married. He wants kids. He doesn't think that things have to get weird.Snorting blow off a hookers ass doesn't really appeal to him. But if you see him on stage, dyed, painted, and styled. You would never think any of this is true.


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