Thursday, November 11, 2010

I think I'm gonna try this.

I am frustrated with trying to explain things here, or else I really don't like how things look on paper... I don't want to be " Fragment ideas and too many pronouns. Stop it, come on. You're not making sense now. You can't make them want you. They're all just laughing ..." So I think I might try to do some of theses... pillaged from
  1. Talk to a monkey. Explain what you’re really trying to say to a stuffed animal.
  2. Do something important that’s very easy.
  3. Try free writing.
  4. Take a shower; change clothes. Give yourself a truly clean start.
  5. Write from a persona. Lend your voice to a writing personality who isn’t you.
  6. Get away from the computer. Take pen and notebook, and go somewhere new.
  7. Quit beating yourself up. You can’t create when you feel ass-whipped.
  8. Stop visualizing catastrophes, and focus on positive outcomes.
  9. Stretch. Maybe try vacuuming your lungs.
  10. Add one ritual behavior. Get a glass of water exactly every 20 minutes. Do push-ups. Eat a Tootsie Roll every paragraph. Add physical structure.
  11. Listen to new music. Try something instrumental and rhythmic that you’ve never heard before.
  12. Write crap.
  13. Finish something.
  14. Write the middle. Stop whining over a perfect lead, and write the next part or the part after that.
  15. Do one chore. Sweep the floor or take out the recycling. Try something lightly physical to remind you that you know how to do things.
  16. Make a pointless rule. You can’t end sentences with words that begin with a vowel. Limits create focus and change your perspective.
  17. Work on the title. Quickly make up five distinctly different titles. Meditate on them. What bugs you about the one you like least?
  18. Write five words. Literally. Put five completely random words on a piece of paper. Write five more. Try a sentence. Could be about anything. A block ends when you start making words on a page.

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