Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's all part of my rock n roll fantasy...

 I knew that I loved my husband when I realized I was no longer in love with the man in Jewel's Foolish Games. For so long I feel in love with him every time she sang it- totally ignoring her wails that he was breaking her heart. I think if I was faced with a man who thought that philosophy was an art and who was moved by baroque and loved Mozart I wouldn't know what to say to him. I'd figit in my seat and tie my show laces in knots like a awkward teen visiting a shrink.

I like my husband's job. I like that it's art and performance and that he's loved and talented and has fans. I'm proud of him. I love that he has the balls to put himself out there like that. I love how he treats me. I love that we can make this work all while practically being Siamese twins. Before we were married and he started on this tour, well let me go back father.. After we met and he finished that tour and the time we decided this was the all encompassing love we were looking for, we had plenty of those teary I wish you were here I miss you, long distance calls that are so frustrating. And even though this is hard it isn't as hard as it would be if we were apart.

I'm starting to realize that I will never fit in in certain social circles. I feel uncomfortable in any situation that entails society or morals, or girlie girls. I'm most comfortable in all reality where I am... backstage. I worked for a venue when I met my husband... that is how I met him. I loved working backstage and being part of the show. Now I'm on tour and I have no purpose. I just sorta hang out with him. It's his job.

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